'Growth of Hustle' & Hustle on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Dear Dancing Friends,

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and sugeestions so far. Here is the second take to have your voices heard.
I am still learning how to work my blog so your comments can go directly there so here is the second take on some very important topics.
I was invited in October by moderator Ron Bess to be on the panel of a forum titled "The Growth of Hustle" at the World Hustle Championships. Many interesting topics were brought up. The main concern was that not enough young people are interested in learning the dance. Many solutions were offered by a nationally diverse panel and attendees of the forum. The first of the reasons offered for this lack of interest was that not enough current music is being played by enough of the DJs at hustle dances and events. The second concern is how the national media on the two most popular dance television shows does not depict hustle dancing in an authentic way but rather in a campy cheesy way with dated costumes and theatrical lifts with bad transitions. There were other things brought up but I would like to address these first two issues at this time.Here are some things I can do:

MEET UP GROUP- It is not a new theory that every generation wants to express themselves to the music of their own times. Tybaldt Ulrich and I will be starting a meet up group in NY to go to clubs to dance hustle where current popular music is being played and therefore younger people will be in attendance. Our hope is to to get them turned on to hustle dancing to music that they are familiar with. Please let us know if you want to join us and we will be posting more info on this in the near future.

DISCOUNTS - I am not trying to encourage ageism but trying to encourage young people who will do not usually attend the parties. Therefore I would like to offer them a discounted admission price.

DISC JOCKEYS - I will encourage my DJs to play more current music that people can hustle to.

FORUM TO TELEVISION STUDIOS - I have been reading Ron Bess's newsletter 'DANCETALK' and have read your letters to the editor concerning your disgust of the portrayal of hustle dancing in the group hustle recently performed on ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars'. I have asked Ron to help me get those letters to the producers of the show. They should know how our community feels. I have written a letter and post it on my blogspot and I encourage you to click on the link for 'Comment' under my letter and post your thoughts and feelings so our voices can be expressed.
I will then post the link to the blog on ABC 'Dancing with the Star' forum page.


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