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Let's Have a Party and Dance Hustle next Sat, July 17 at the Millennium Hustle Dance Jam at 412 Eighth Ave

SATURDAY, JULY 17 Let's Have a Party!!! The Millennium Hustle Dance Jam Returns with THE very best Hustle Dancers at 412 Eighth Avenue, NYC, NY, 4th floor DJ NELSON 'Paradise' ROMAN will be playing the very best music for Hustle Dancing  and short sets of Salsa from 9pm-1:30am.  Vaccination Cards or an Excelsior Active Pass and ID will be requested at the door  or Proof of a 'Negative' Rapid Test dated July 17th All other dancers must wear a mask  There are no longer 3 separate dance rooms at 412 8th Ave and there will not be a bar on the 4th floor; but, you can purchase cocktails downstairs at the bar on the first floor or BYOB. Water and flavored seltzer will be sold at the dance party. *If there are cases where an individual cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, those people may contact me and we can review their situation on a case-by-case basis and make possible safety accommodations. Looking forward to seeing all of you again!  412 Eighth Avenue, between