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Greetings Fellow Dancers! It's love month again. This newsletter is dedicated to all who love music and dancing! This month I have 4 dance parties for you to share the love. I have just returned from teaching on the Stardust Dance Cruise where I met a lot of nice people and now I am really motivated to get our dance cruise out of NY on the way. It's so wonderful to be on the sea! Who is ready to cruise? Thank you to all who attended the our Sadie Hawkins Valentine's Party at Club 412 last Saturday. It was a great turnout and the music in all three rooms with DJ's, Johnny O, Jeff Stennett and Peter was fabulous ! *NEW STUFF*... I am very blessed to have 2 successful dances with YSBD at CLUB 412 every month that people love. I also enjoy having dance parties at clubs or restaurant as we did 'back in the day'. I can tell many of you enjoy this as well as I have had many requests to continue my dances at the beautiful and elegant IL CAMPANELLO. They will finish re