Greetings Dancing Friends,

A few weeks ago, the hit dance television show 'Dancing With The Stars' performed a group hustle. They chose to to do it in a retro style from the 70's and portrayed it more like a line dance and some bad spin off from the Saturday Night Fever movie. Many people were upset and asked me to write a letter. I have been reading Ron Bess's newsletter 'DANCETALK' and there were many letters to the editor concerning the disapproval of their interpretation. If you did not see the show and would like to see it, please copy and paste the YOU TUBE link below.

I decided to write a letter and asked Ron to post it on last week's newsletter. I asked people to go to my blog and post their comments. It seems that many of the dancers felt the same way but had difficulty posting their comments on my blog. The blog also posts to my Facebook notes and so far 11 people 'liked it' and 22 commented on it plus 2 more comments on the wall. I realize that not everyone is on Facebook but I ask that anyone that is and wants to add a comment, I can link my Facebook page on the DWTS forum on their website so they can read the letter and all of your comments. As they say, 'there is strength in numbers' so please join me in letting them know that our dance community desires them to have hustle dancing on their show but demonstrated with the same respect and realistic and positive way that they portray most of the other partner dances. Please copy and paste this link to post your comments.

Thanks much.

Lori Brizzi
Event Director
Millennium Dances
New York Hustle Congress


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