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This Saturday, Oct deal in town! 3 Rooms, 3 Awesome DJs plus a Dance Class

It's been 9 years since we lost Arte Philips from our lives but never  from our hearts and memories. He left an irreplaceable void in our community but his humor, heart, intelligence, talent, creativity and charisma will remain a part of us forever. I was honored when he agreed to join me in teaching the hustle class and to dance a spontaneous lead follow hustle at Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night's Swing years ago.  We miss you so much, Arte. RIP Arte Philips and Lori at Midsummer Night's Swing
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CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR MAILING LIST ... Having trouble viewing this email?  Click here THIS SATURDAY, JULY 11th 3 Rooms for Dancing - 3 Fabulous DJs - 6 Hours of Social Dancing - 'Free' Dance Lesson @ 8pm or  a Special Hustle Workshop with visiting Instructor  ALEX KIM      MILLENNIUM DANCE PARTIES  every 2nd & 3rd SATURDAYS @ CLUB 412 presented by Lori Brizzi and YSBD At 8pm: Your Choice...*FREE* Pre Party Class or take part in a very special  HUSTLE WORKSHOP with visiting Professional Instructor  *ALEX KIM*   One Level - Learn the structure of hustle and new patterns - Fee - $10 or start off your social dancing with   DJ PETER  playing wcs, salsa, hustle and mixed ballroom   DJ JOHNNY O    will play classics, current, funk and house in the Hustle Room from 9pm-2am DJ PETER TREWIN    will be playing a B allroo m Mix from 8pm-1:00am and  DJ BRETT NO